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An Invitation to Participate in Research: MENTAL Jam

MENTAL Jam is a PhD research project, conducted at RMIT University, which is interested in understanding people’s experiences of depression and anxiety. We would like to know about your experience of depression and anxiety, including what this experience was like. We would like to develop video games about the lived experiences of depression and anxiety as a form of knowledge translation to promote empathy and … Continue reading An Invitation to Participate in Research: MENTAL Jam

I made a game for Rising Sea Game Jam

But you can’t play it yet, ‘coz it will be released as part of an album. And also because of self-isolation, social distancing, and the whole world being told to wash their hands while singing to Happy Birthday. The theme for the game jam is “Woven”, what is so interesting about this game jam is it’s a collaboration between Southeast Asian game developers. It starts … Continue reading I made a game for Rising Sea Game Jam

I made a game for Games Aid Mental Health Jam #GamesAIDMHJam

Games Aid organized an online game jam on with the theme of mental health and a duration of a week. So it’s okay to take it slow and be more relaxed about it. And I decided to join and make a game. Given the theme, I thought maybe it might be very personal, so instead of tapping my artist friends, I decided to draw … Continue reading I made a game for Games Aid Mental Health Jam #GamesAIDMHJam

#indiesvspewdiepie weekend jam

So I haven’t done a game jam in a while (after I failed my #nar8). And I wasn’t really planning on doing #indiesvspewdiepie. But then my lil sis and I woke up on Saturday and saw that one of our colleagues were doing it, and we’re like yah, we should do it too. But first French Toast with eggs and bacon, sprinkles (because why wouldn’t … Continue reading #indiesvspewdiepie weekend jam

Indie Speed Run 2013: “From Strawberry” Dev Post

Indie Speed Run is like a game jam, but slightly different, because one, you don’t have to be at a physical location (which is great, so at least you get to sleep in your own bed, if ever, between breaks) and it has a theme and an element that you need to incorporate into your game.

This is my second year doing Indie Speed Run, last year was my first (also my first ever game jam). Instead of grouping with my friends who were in the Philippines and working together virtually through Google Hangouts like I did last year, I decided to group up with my sisters instead, and we worked on the game together from our apartment. I’m just lucky to be a programmer that have 2 sisters who are artists.

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